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third entry.. woop woop its new years eve now and i should have… - ..your pretty like drugs..

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December 31st, 2004

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12:44 am
third entry.. woop woop
its new years eve now and i should have bought my boozer later, because ive already started drinking it out of boredom.
was supposed to chill with peoples but ended up staying at home waiting for sometone to call me because i never thoughtof calling them, thus ending up drinking at home.
bwarharhar. loser.
i boutgh some hypnotiq. that shits so fuckin good. and lots and lots of rev.
and i just got some calls. wooo0. too late, im drunk :D
so yea, tomorrow should be fun.
after this weekend im going to start looking for another job. ugh. warehouse jobs.
i got a new phone the other day, its a samsung, and it only cost me $150 with the early upgrade.
thas right, *only* $150
its so fucking cool though, the digi cam on it is *so* fun. i can do videos and such and liek take pix in emboss and negative and whatnot.
hahah. ive never seen a better phone with color. yet
the ringers lick ballz though.
but anywho, im drunk, and im off to play ma ps2. g'night people.

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