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okeeey. so save the rave was actually on saturday AND the grinchs… - ..your pretty like drugs..

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December 28th, 2004

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09:47 pm
so save the rave was actually on saturday AND the grinchs gift sunday.
mah bad.. lolz

i went to both of them still. lolz... save the rave..well the crowd was one i didnt expect, lots of newbies and shit. i stayed where the jungle was, it was bad enough as it was :P

the grinch's gift.. WAS FUCKIN HYYYYYYYYPE!!!O>M>F>G! the vibe was wiicked, venue was chills, and there wasn't that many cracked out 15yo's running around trying to sell e. i dont even think i really saw many people under 19.
nevermind the fuckin sets!!! oo la la. i creamed ma pants. i swear it was THAT good. too bad, you missed a good fuckin party. HA HA :P

so anyhootz.. yeh i forgot what i was really going to say because i got into the whole goodness of the party. oh well
hmm.. well my christmas sucked, but not. cuz i guess for once i put a smile on my parents faces. heh.
hmm what else to say..
got mosh up on the weekend. bwahaha.

0h yeh! now i remember!
TOYS R US CAN GO FUX ITSELF! fucking firing me 2 weeks ahead of schedule. now i have to find another job without a job! pffft.
i still dont know what im going to do for new years, undecided.

..and i have been thinking alot the past few days about something.. should i? or would it be a mistake.. but if i wait too long it may never happen again..
im too fucking.. i dont know, scared? ugh. i sense that time is running out.
i dont know what to do yet. and.. fuck.. sdfidsgbskjdgbhdjg! ! !
i think my heads just all fucked up right now.

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Date:December 29th, 2004 06:18 am (UTC)
Hey, it's Ben here. This is my new name so add me when you can =D

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