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February 17th, 2005

02:04 pm
i dont really use this anymore, i have a purerave journal now. yes to a cs account.
anwyays, you all suck.. if you want to read my journal your gonna hafta get an account at purerave.

well sometimes ill use this... i dunno :P

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January 20th, 2005

11:10 pm
it's the rhythm of rebellion
a reason for celebration
let the volume do the talking
with the force of an explosion

come on and place those
nervous palms in mine
we'll drive the fear from both our frames
sending bitten bullets through those bitter pills
in an unexpected plot twist

you've stunned me with a kiss
that felt like a runaway wrought iron fist
don't hang the dj yet
this song deserves a second spin
if you feel the need
switch those lips to repeat
before the needle leaves the surface
and the night has left us speechless

we'll go home when we've burnt yours
dancing amongst the cinders with your daughters
buried regrets in all the rubble
the friction in the scheme of things

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January 13th, 2005

11:37 pm
Cancer - january 13, 2005

Your house of relationships has been pretty darned crowded for the past few days, and it's not due to become any less populated over the coming weeks. Does this mean you'll be entertaining all kinds of amazing new companions? You bet it does. In the meantime, you may also have to decide what to do with the 'old' ones. Better choose fast. Someone is about to issue what might sound suspiciously like a lover's ultimatum

hah. wow, ghey.

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January 10th, 2005

10:18 pm
most boring day evAR.

the weekend i dosed.. these pills were like cut with K or somethin.

yesterday chilled with ryan and nat for a bit, went out for coffee fun with alex, then back to chill. nintendo 64 massive! LOLZ.
soon after i left a cop pulled me over. by myself. started harassing me and shit, and like YEAH im on probation and had id on me so he could have arrested me at that time of night, but he couldnt figure out what time my curfew was, so i lied to him. hahah.

today. slept. ate. computer. ate. cleaned room. ate. talked to people. ate. computer. eating.
i wanna get hiiiigh babeh.

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January 5th, 2005

10:31 am
you are the load your mom should have taken in the ass.

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January 4th, 2005

02:11 pm
supposed to be looking for a job, but im too lazy..
*le sigh*
got crunked new yearz.. and continued the day after. didnt sleep till like sunday night. woop.
I NEED SMOKES!! i only have one left.,. but theres snow outside so i dont wanna go >;/
i missed ultraviolet sky but thats ok! because it probably licked ballz and too many sweaty smelly kandi kids were probably running aound.
i wanna party this weekend. but i havent looked to see if here was any parties to go to..
hey.. darren j/shabba d is on the 15th. im supposed to be going with ryan and them.. but ryans life is all like, fucked up and whatnot and he might be going to the states in a couple days.
:( dude, that really sucks. like i dont know why that shits gone down.. but you need to keep your head high man, dont let that shit fuck with you! ive been in a situation like that before but in the end everything kinda worked out..
anyways my rooms a fucking mess. i think im gonna go clean it and shit.. and then go chillz. peace
Current Mood: distresseddistressed
Current Music: josh hill - nye sessionz

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December 31st, 2004

12:44 am
third entry.. woop woop
its new years eve now and i should have bought my boozer later, because ive already started drinking it out of boredom.
was supposed to chill with peoples but ended up staying at home waiting for sometone to call me because i never thoughtof calling them, thus ending up drinking at home.
bwarharhar. loser.
i boutgh some hypnotiq. that shits so fuckin good. and lots and lots of rev.
and i just got some calls. wooo0. too late, im drunk :D
so yea, tomorrow should be fun.
after this weekend im going to start looking for another job. ugh. warehouse jobs.
i got a new phone the other day, its a samsung, and it only cost me $150 with the early upgrade.
thas right, *only* $150
its so fucking cool though, the digi cam on it is *so* fun. i can do videos and such and liek take pix in emboss and negative and whatnot.
hahah. ive never seen a better phone with color. yet
the ringers lick ballz though.
but anywho, im drunk, and im off to play ma ps2. g'night people.

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12:39 am - yAy poem.. and im drunk. wopee happy new years eve.. hahahah
killing my brain
day after day
snorting cocain
i cant stay away

this feeling is weird
my mind is so lost
im all that i fear
personal holocaust

pain disappears
with every line
breakfasts on mirrors
and all is fine

hearing the crys
from the people i hurt
caught in my lies
treated others like dirt

it is to late
to fix all the wrong
their eyes fill with hate
the good feelings are gone

the screaming pain
my families cries
you look once again
at my bloodshot eyes

forever am i
addicted to blow
all these regrets
with nothing to show

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12:29 am - boreded.
It stopped raining in April
It started raining in June
Every morning you wake up to see the rising of the moon
The stars fell down from off your crown and now you wear them on my shoes
You’ll only walk the road of choice never know what to choose
You wear your hell so well it’s blind to your own eyes
To drown out yourself you swallow the world at night
You thought you could make it in the world you anticipated
But nothing is right, everything’s wrong and you hate it
You thought you would last, but it all ended fast
and there’s nothing to do,
nothing to do,
but to take it

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December 28th, 2004

09:47 pm
so save the rave was actually on saturday AND the grinchs gift sunday.
mah bad.. lolz

i went to both of them still. lolz... save the rave..well the crowd was one i didnt expect, lots of newbies and shit. i stayed where the jungle was, it was bad enough as it was :P

the grinch's gift.. WAS FUCKIN HYYYYYYYYPE!!!O>M>F>G! the vibe was wiicked, venue was chills, and there wasn't that many cracked out 15yo's running around trying to sell e. i dont even think i really saw many people under 19.
nevermind the fuckin sets!!! oo la la. i creamed ma pants. i swear it was THAT good. too bad, you missed a good fuckin party. HA HA :P

so anyhootz.. yeh i forgot what i was really going to say because i got into the whole goodness of the party. oh well
hmm.. well my christmas sucked, but not. cuz i guess for once i put a smile on my parents faces. heh.
hmm what else to say..
got mosh up on the weekend. bwahaha.

0h yeh! now i remember!
TOYS R US CAN GO FUX ITSELF! fucking firing me 2 weeks ahead of schedule. now i have to find another job without a job! pffft.
i still dont know what im going to do for new years, undecided.

..and i have been thinking alot the past few days about something.. should i? or would it be a mistake.. but if i wait too long it may never happen again..
im too fucking.. i dont know, scared? ugh. i sense that time is running out.
i dont know what to do yet. and.. fuck.. sdfidsgbskjdgbhdjg! ! !
i think my heads just all fucked up right now.

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